Expectations and Responsibilities for ORCHESTRA MEMBERS

The Grosse Pointe Symphony Orchestra (GPSO) is a community orchestra organized for the purpose of providing both professional and community musicians the opportunity to perform a wide variety of music in a number of different venues.  In order to foster a professional attitude among musicians and encourage performances of the highest possible quality, the Orchestra personnel committee, as authorized by the Grosse Pointe Symphony’s Board of Directors, has formulated the following EXPECTATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES.  Each orchestra member needs to be familiar with them and abide by them.  The GPSO is a participant in the Detroit Federation of Musicians Local 5 Master Agreement for Community Orchestras and as such agrees that for those DFM Local 5 members the contract supersedes the language herein.  The cooperation of each musician is greatly appreciated and will make playing in the orchestra more enjoyable for all.

NOTE: The GPSO is requiring full COVID vaccination for all musicians and staff participating in the Grosse Pointe Symphony Orchestra.  This includes Featured Guest Artists and Board Members who are working directly with musicians.


SELECTION: The Personnel Manager will select orchestra members for each set of rehearsals and each performance. Musicians desiring to join the GPSO may be asked to audition as openings occur. 


ATTENDANCEMusicians agree to attend all full rehearsals and the performances unless excused. 

If you become ill report it to the Personnel Manager as soon as possible and verify that the Personnel Manager has received the message.  You will be asked when you expect to return. The Personnel manager will not ask what illness you have BUT IF you have a communicable illness you MUST disclose it for the protection and health of the other members of the orchestra.

COMPENSATION: Musicians in the GPSO are independent contractors and an IRS form 1099 will be issued as required.  Compensation rates are set by the Personnel Managers. 


ATTIRE for CONCERTS: Women are to wear dressy long black dress, black skirt or black slacks with a black long sleeve blouse, black shoes. Men are to wear a dark suit, with white shirt, long tie, black dress socks, and black shoes. No perfume or cologne should be used at rehearsals or concerts.


PERSONAL EQUIPMENT and CLUTTER: There shall be no clutter on the stage during concerts.


PROPER CARE of MUSIC:Music provided by GPSO will be clear and legible and must be returned in that condition. Music must be signed out according to the rules set by the Orchestra Librarian.  Musicians agree to keep the music in the folder that was signed for.  Music folders and contents are your responsibility and are not to be left on stage following rehearsals or concerts.  Musicians will be charged for failing to return music, for returning it past the time due or for excessive markings made on it by you.  Light markings are acceptable. You are expected to bring the folder to every rehearsal and performance.  Folders are to be left in one of the designated music bins at the conclusion of each concert.


INSURANCE:: GPSO carries liability insurance. GPSO does not insure the musician’s instruments or other property.



Personnel Manager Winds and Percussion: Nancy Sutton Phone (313) 550-2563 Email

Strings Personnel Manager: Terese Edelstein Phone (313) 885-4633 Email




April, 2023



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